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Whether you are promoting a Business,  a Social Enterprise or a Charity Organization. Video promotion is more effective than print and direct mail. We produce great online films that engage your audience and will allow people to share your message.
Images are the reality of today.


Having your own brand identity is crucial for your business to stand out. How do you want your consumers to perceive your brand? We Design distinctive visual elements to achieve effective visual brand identity. Much more than just a logo.


These days, almost every business should have a website. Nearly every Business purchase decision starts with a google search. With low costs at the entry level, it’s hard to imagine a reason for any company of any size not to have a website. We help you shape your online identity.


“We provide our clients with professional media productions that communicate their brand’s identity and translates their marketing strategy into greater exposure and more business value.”

THE 0162 is a Media Production Company which provides business solutions on a project-basis to individuals, companies and organizations since 2007. We help you to get exposure on the world wide web by providing interactive Webdesign solutions. We design, flyers, posters and brand identities using the latest Graphics technology. We create documentaries, videos and company films offering you professional Film quality. And with nearly 10 years of experience in generating publicity for music artists, we are able to show you how Music can be part of your marketing strategy. 

webdesign; we help you to get exposure on the world wide web

graphics; we design flyers, posters and brand identities

video; we create documentaries, videos and company films

music; we show you how music can be part of your marketing strategy


Get a film, design or website that can promote and grow your business now!



Great to work with. Very creative and positive team. 

 – John PurdueTeam


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